Fur Cushions: 5 top tips to decorate your home with Faux Fur Cushions this winter

Faux Fur: It's cosy, it’s welcoming, and last year, it became a hot interior design trend.

As this snug material trends in the fashion world, interior designers notice it’s appearing more and more in homes. Why?

As the design world takes a turn from cold contemporary to cosy opulence, designers use it for its luxurious yet inviting nature.

"We're returning to slightly more luxurious interiors, with home decor that feels really great and also looks great," says Erin Gates, Boston-based interior designer and author of Elements of Style. "For a long time, the style was very streamlined, modern and on the colder side, but people are starting to want their homes to feel as comfortable as possible."

Fur is a natural material which makes it very calming and hypoallergenic.

"Even if it's not real fur, all that texture and softness is a really rich texture to use in the home," says Gates. "It adds an err of opulence."

1. Add it to a space that needs texture

Interior designers typically add Fur Cushions to a neat and tidy space to make it more cosier and inviting.

"When we use fur, we're looking for some really luscious texture in the room," says Gates. "If you look at a space and everything is neat, tidy and clean, you want something that's sumptuous and cosy. It'll really elevate the space."

Incorporating this texture within your home can come in the form of a simple Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion for example.

2. Pair it with the right materials

Faux Fur Cushions are especially adept at making a cool, modern space cosier. Faux Fur Cushions also pair well with a variety of materials, ranging from Cotton and linens to Velvet Velours.

3. Start with the bedroom

"The best room to use faux fur cushions in is the bedroom for sure, because it's so cosy," says Gates. "The second would be the living room, because it's so nice to cuddle up on a sofa. Plus, if you have pets, they love curling up on that faux fur, too."

However, don't be afraid to incorporate Faux Fur Cushions into more formal spaces to add a bit of warmth. Our White Faux Fur Cushion - Snuggles on a chair in an office, for example, can warm the space and reflect light in a strategic way without diminishing the formality of the room.

4. Place Faux Fur Cushions somewhere people can touch them

The appeal of Fur Cushions are in their blend of opulence and cosiness, and their ability to make a room more engaging."Faux fur encourages engagement in a space," says Gates. "Most people are tactile, so having something in your space that's soft is appealing and makes people want to go into the room and touch it."

Therefore, keep Fur Cushions in easy-to-reach places.

5. Go lighter for longevity

If you live in a climate that is warm year-round or simply don't want to change out your faux fur décor once spring and summer arrive, opt for a lighter colour. Colours such as greys, creams and tans mix really well with modern colour schemes. 

However, if you live in a country like the UK that experiences all 4 seasons, then darker, warmer tones provide comfort and warmth for the cold and wet months.